Our action

In Sanskrit language, “Anindita” conveys the freedom and happiness of women


2006 : The first initiation of ANINDITA’s project started with the non-profitable organization SWADHIN YATRA. This Indo-French association has different projects to help the disadvantages Indian populations and ANINDITA was part of them.

2009 : The project began in the slum of Dhapa, in Kolkata. Women from the slum were working in their own house as they had to take care about children and grandparents, to cook and to do domestic chores in the same time. They received remuneration according to their production of handbags. At this time, women mostly did embroidering stitching and production of cotton shopping bags. Many international volunteers came to help and improve the project organisation. Produced bags were sold in Europe on regular basis.

2017 : The situation of the slum destabilized women’s actions and the project moved to Baruipur. Since then, five women have participated in the new workshop. Nowadays, two are working in a full time and two are working on part time basis. From the beginning of 2018, Bonney and Sanjay, the project coordinators, are welcoming some volunteers in their own house. Volunteers and interns are coming from different schools and universities of Europe to help with developing of the project.

This project is financed by SWADHIN YATRA, which currently sponsors and helps ANINDITA’s project from France. The enterprise wants to improve women incomes and expand to be able to hire more women.

March, 2019 : ANINDITA separated from SWADHIN YATRA to become an independent and social firm, the current ANINDITA SOCIAL ENTERPRISE.