Our team in Baruipur

Meet our team in Baruipur

Currently four girls are working full time for ANINDITA.


23 years old | Baruipur, West Bengal

“I am Kakuli Pramanik, I have been working for ANINDITA’s project for last two years. We are four in our family including my parents in laws.
I am working in this project to help my family financially and also to find my independence. I am working full time here and I love this environment of working.

Even if I am not fully skilled but ANINDITA’s project is giving me the opportunity to work here and get experience while earning my living.
I also love to work with the volunteers come from different countries and share with them. Despite the language problem, we can feel others well and their well wishes and kind help.”


21 years old | Baruipur, West Bengal

“I am Sushmita Pramanik, I am working for this project for last 18 months. We are total 6 members in our family including my parents and brother and sisters. I am working here to help my parents financially. I am working full time.

I love this working environment. It is very creative and interesting. I have found this chance to work here to develop my skills and learn more about how to make export quality products. I am happy that the products we make here are used internationally. It is like a pride for us. I love working with the volunteers. I wish to continue to work here with ANINDITA project. Thanks.”


18 years old | Kalikapur, West Bengal

“I am Sushmita Pramanik, I am 18 years old. I have joined Anindita project 6 months ago. I was looking for a work. I was not skilled enough for this job. But thanks to ANINDITA’s project who gave me this opportunity to work here and develop my skills. I am still learning many things here. I am full time worker.

I am working here to find my financial independence. By working here I am able to help my family financially. Thanks to ANINDITA. We are four in my family. I love working here and love meeting people from different countries who come to help us in our project. I am happy to be here. Thanks.”

Meet the project coordinators


32 years old | Khasmallick, West Bengal | Local project coordinator

“I am Debapriya Purkait. I was a house wife before. Thanks to SWADHIN YATRA, the INDO-FRENCH organization, now I am an entrepreneur and running this social business with success.

As a woman I could feel the helplessness of other young woman who are looking for work and could not compete with men of same category. I am proud to start this social business to empowering women. I am working as a local project co-ordinator. I take care of this project by doing the accountancy, keeping records of all the materials of the workshop and production. I also cook and take care of hospitality service for our guests and volunteers who come to help this project. Thanks to this project also today our children can study in good school. Thanks SWADHIN YATRA.”


43 years old | Local project owner

“I am Sanjay Purkait, I am 43 years old. I have been working in this project since last three years. I am the local care taker of this project. Mostly, I help the girls for buying raw materials from wholesale markets. I help them on regular basis to maintain the sewing machines and inspecting their work. I prepare packaging for exports, shipping those items for exports…

I particularly deal where the women still find troubles in going or communicating. I also help them to organize all and become independent. We work as a team or family of ANINDITA. I am happy to work for this project that is also helping me to live properly and earn correctly as well as I can help my family and the society. Thanks.”

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for enthusiastic and international volunteers or interns to join our team. If this project sounds like something you would like to help for, let us a message at anindita.social@gmail.com and explain what would be your actions and motivations!