Women's empowerment

ANINDITA aims to improve and support women empowerment in modern India. Since the independence in 1947, the status of women in India has known a considerable change. On a cultural and society perspective, women got more freedom and were able to receive education and employment.

Creating bags and accessories through ANINDITA allow them to develop their creativity skills and expertise to develop their own professional experience. It also enable them to get financial independence as they receive their own income. ANINDITA Social Enterprise is a real solidarity project aiming to develop indian culture and women conditions to get a stable place in the professional world.

Our team in Baruipur

The women working for ANINDITA can come from disadvantaged environments and families. ANINDITA Social Enterprise helps and support them to receive a stable and regular income. All the money collected by this project is always directly transfered to the women working and also to improve the enterprise.

Our team is trained in sewing and in manufacturing personalised products, bags and other embroidered accessories. They have now develop their own expertise, skills and also a strong creativity spirit. Get to know them, their specialisation and discover their amazing creations.

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